3M™ is an American multinational, science-based technology company that is committed to improving lives and making life easier for people across the world. They are leaders across many markets including Health Care, Safety, Electronics, Manufacturing, Automotive, Energy, Construction, and more.

They were founded in 1902 and have grown to over 80,000 company employees. Its headquarters is in St Paul, Minnesota but has 151 office locations across 79 countries.

3M™ prides itself on not only making a difference to people in everyday life but also doing business in the right way. Evidence of this they have been listed as a World's Most Ethical Company for nine years in succession.

3M™ produces thousands of imaginative products, continually being ambitious, innovative, and forward-thinking looking at the next customer issue that needs addressing. 33% of their turnover comes from products that didn’t exist 5 years ago! There are multiple factors that all play a part in 3M™ ‘s success. Their products are not just commercial but can also be in every family home. 3M™ has the ability to apply and combine its technologies to an endless array of real-world customer needs across the globe.

In 2022 - 3M™'s most popular product is the Aura Particulate Respirator, and their other top products are very similar and in health and safety categories.

In 2019 before Covid, 3M posted predictions of their product categories for that year:

Adhesives and Tapes $4.1 Billion (37.6%)

Automotive and Aerospace $1.8 Billion (16.8%)

Automotive Aftermarket $1.5 Billion (13.4%)

Abrasives $1.6 Billion (14.7%)

Advanced Materials $1.1 Billion (10.1%)

Separation and Purification $0.8 Billion (7.4%)

Their biggest selling product was the 3M™ Electrically Conductive Adhesive Transfer Tapes for electronics assembly operations. 3M™ describes these long-lasting tapes as having “excellent handling characteristics and can be die-cut to virtually any shape, and can eliminate the need for screws and mechanical fasteners”.

This pressure-sensitive tape saves the user time and causes no mess as there is no liquid involved, low electrical resistance, and good conductivity for increased shielding effectiveness.

In 2023, 3M announced a layoff of 6,000 employees world-wide due to ‘Market Trends’ and to "further simplify and strengthen" its "supply chain structure" and focus on its "go-to-market business models, which will improve margins and cash flow,"

The rejig of 3M structure also coincides with a new area of product focus as it will continue to focus its commercial efforts in high-growth markets including automotive electrification, home improvement, personal safety, electronics, and health care. In addition, 3M will prioritize emerging growth areas such as climate technology, sustainable packaging, industrial automation, semiconductors, and next-generation consumer electronics.

3M Select Converter

ATS is proud and honored to be a ‘3M Selected Converter’ and approved distributor of 3M™ products.

Becoming a 3M™ Select Converter

Becoming a 3M™ Select Converter is not easy and not every manufacturer can be given this coveted status. An extremely rigorous process is necessary to attain the status of ‘Select Converter’ which is why it is so carefully awarded by 3M.

Before being awarded this honor, 3M™ assessed many of the processes here at ATS. We completed product-specific training sessions and successfully demonstrated the high volume of 3M™ materials being used by ATS for products that we produce for our customers.

3M Medical Materials Technologies Select Converter

3M™ Select Medical Materials & Technologies Converter

To further enhance our valued partnership with 3M™ we are also delighted to be a 3M™ Preferred Medical Materials & Technologies Converter servicing the Medical and Healthcare Industries. Our expert team can provide customers with innovative, quality Medical Tape products and confidential design support. To be given this status, ATS had to meet strict guidelines to be recognized as industry experts and leaders within their field.