About us

Advanced Technology Supply, Inc is an award-winning leader in the converting and fabricating industry and has been since its conception almost 40 years ago. Located in Deerfield Beach, Florida, our facilities allow us to perform an array of capabilities such as Silicone Gasket Manufacturing, Rewind Slitting, Rotary Die Cutting, Steel Rule Die Cutting, Single Knife Slitting, Lamination Services, Belt Fabrication, Prototyping & Water Jet Cutting.

The machinery and structure we have in place are designed to expedite the order process and convert materials to the exact specifications of each individual customer.

Advanced Technology Supply, Inc. has developed a network of distributors and manufacturer's representatives to amplify and expand sales and marketing efforts. In the manufacturing facility, converting and fabricating equipment was added to meet growth demands in a dynamic marketplace.


Advanced Technology Supply, Inc. became an ISO9001 certified and registered facility with the capacity to supply larger markets both domestically and globally. In 2022, we also obtained the higher-grade ISO certification of 9100:2016-Series for Aviation, Space, and Defense Organizations Standards Clarifications with a focus on Quality.

Our NQA certification is a recognition of our commitment to our customers that we will continually produce only the highest quality work and keep our immaculate standards.

Tim Dunn - ATS Operations Manager
Tim Dunn - ATS Operations Manager

Trusted Business Partners

We are honored to be 3M Select Converter and distributor of their products as well as being approved converters and fabricators to several major manufacturers such as Saint-Gobain and Stockwell Elastomerics.

We have forged these relationships through decades of providing superior quality products with our cutting-edge technology in a timely and efficient manner.

AS-9100:16 Registered

Our History

Advanced Technology Supply, Inc. was founded in November 1983 by Bill Ryan.

The company's business plan called for creating a niche sales approach in the aircraft aerospace and defense related markets with the centerpiece being the Space Shuttle Program at Kennedy Space Center. The Challenger explosion in January, 1986 drastically impacted this plan and Ryan was forced to redefine goals and expectations of the company by exploring new markets.

By 1989, Advanced Technology Supply, Inc. had established markets in high performance pressure sensitive tapes and silicone elastomers for printed circuit bare board fabrication, PCB assembly, defense related applications in airframe and avionics, electrical/electronics, and general industrial applications. Also significant, was the return to flight of the space shuttle that same year.

In August 1993, Ryan was joined by Gary A. Couture as Vice President. Ryan and Couture shared a common background of 20 years experience each with CHR Industries (now known as Saint Gobain Performance Plastics). CHR was a manufacturer of pressure sensitive tapes and silicone rubber sponge, sheet and coated fabrics. Both Ryan and Couture were regional sales manager for CHR, in addition, Couture was CHR's marketing manager.

In 2009, with the untimely death of Bill Ryan, Gary Couture became the sole owner of Advanced Technology Supply, Inc. committed to continue the work and goals already set for the future of the company. Advanced Technology Supply, Inc. has exhibited solid growth and developed an excellent reputation for technical expertise, competitive pricing and quick delivery while continuing its standard of high quality.

Present Day

Laurie McDonald is the CEO and President of Advanced Technology Supply, Inc. and has been since September 2016, bringing a wealth of experience to the table. Tim Dunn is the companies Operations Manager and there are several other key employees creating make a core team that work in synergy together, ensuring ATS constantly operates at maximum capacity and peak performance.

The Industrial supply and distribution business Slip Stream 24/7 is an affiliate of Advanced Technology Supply, Inc. selling over 36,000 premium quality 3M products and applications that can be used across a range of industries, specifically Industrial, Commercial, Health & Safety products but also including Medical, Automotive, Marine, Construction, and many more.

Silicone Gaskets Manufacturer, Converter, Distributor and Fabricator of Pressure Sensitive Tapes, Elastomers, Coated Fabrics and Plastic Films