ADL Insulflex

ADL Insulflex

ADL Insulflex Inc. is a manufacturer of specialized high-temperature protection materials and systems. They are a member of The ADL Group.

ADL Insulflex’s USP is their fantastic worldwide customer service, where they have created their own Global Quickship Program that enables them to economically deliver to almost any industrialized area on earth within 72 hours! This level of distribution speed is unprecedented.

ADL Insulflex achieves this remarkable distribution speed by having over 650 Authorized Distributors in more than 60 countries worldwide, enabling companies to receive ADL’s products, support, and expertise no matter where they are in the world.

Worldwide Distribution

Its headquarters, R&D facilities, fabrication center, and principal distribution warehouse is in Ontario, Canada.

Their 2 large distribution centers in Watertown, NY, and Houston, Texas allow them to offer US-based clients same-day shipping, giving them exceptional service and much better rates.

Out of their 650 authorized stocking distributors, 30 are based across Europe, so stock inventory can be moved very quickly and efficiently. Insulflex also maintains a European sales office and has Master Regional Distributors in China and the UAE.


ATS is an Authorized Insulflex® distributor. This means we have a stocking inventory of their products. Another major bonus is being able to utilize their Quickship Program which enables us to access their factory inventory and receive local delivery within a maximum of 96 hours, at very competitive rates. We are trained in the use and application of Insulflex® high-temperature protection products.