Applications for the Aircraft & Aerospace Industry

At Advanced Technology Supply, Inc. we are pleased to offer a complete line of high performing materials specifically designed for use in the severe environments encountered in the aircraft and aerospace industries. As a converter, distributor, and fabricator of pressure sensitive tapes and sophisticated materials, we provide fabrication abilities including slitting, rotary die cutting, and adhesive applications.

Our insulating tapes, rubber materials, and coated fabrics are utilized in various stages of aircraft manufacturing and on board applications including:

  • Flame/thermal spray masking
  • Airframe Construction
  • Carpet Bonding
  • Paint Masking Repairs
  • Vacuum Sealing
  • Wire Harness Wrapping

And more!

Available tapes are fabricated from varied substrates/backings including: PTFE film, polyester, polyimide, silicone, fiberglass, coated fabrics of silicone.

Tapes utilizing PTFE in film and coupled with fabric are used in aircraft parts bonding when applied to tools they provide excellent release properties and are reusable tool masking solutions. In similar applications PTFE fabrics are utilized as bleeder and breather cloths in vacuum bonding composites in autoclave applications.

When coupled with silicone or non-silicone adhesives the tapes achieve for high and low temperature service capability. Silicone Rubber materials are utilized in a variety of applications including reusable vacuum bags, gasketing, vibration and noise dampening find their way into overhead storage gaskets as well as galley and lavatory requirements, vacuum applications and gasketing. Materials are flame retardant, abrasion resistant, and are able to withstand high temperatures and aircraft fluids.

Product Specifications

Our products meet specifications like: A-A-59474, Mil-I-23594, Mil-I-19166, A-A-59163, LT80B and many others.

We provide durable and reliable products at cost effective rates, while upholding the highest quality standards including ISO 9001 and 9100:16 certification and Mil-Spec conformance. For more information about our products for aircraft and aerospace applications please contact us directly.