Avery Dennison

Avery Dennison Corporation

Avery Dennison Corporation is a multinational materials science manufacturer with locations in over 50 countries. Their headquarters are in Ohio, and they are known globally as distributors of pressure-sensitive adhesive materials, radio-frequency identification RFID inlays, specialty medical products, and apparel branding labels and tags.

Avery Adhesives was founded in 1935 by Ray Avery, and in 1990, the company merged with Dennison Manufacturing to form Avery Dennison. Now they expanded rapidly from its original base in Los Angeles to employ around 36,000 people across its 180 locations worldwide and are now a member of the Fortune 500.

Their expertise and variety of converted products and solutions have enabled them to scale globally to customers all over the world. Avery sells products into an array of industries such as, apparel, e-commerce, logistics, home & personal care, food and grocery, pharmaceuticals and automotive.

ATS is an authorized converter and distributor of Avery Dennison.