Belt Fabrication Services for Conveyor Belt Systems from Advanced Technology Supply, Inc

Belt Fabrication Services

Advanced Technology Supply, Inc. offers specialized belt fabrication services, especially catering to the food processing industry for the purpose of carrying food items through a conveyor belt system into extreme heat. At ATS we coat the belts in Teflon for several reasons, it’s the most resilliant chemical and the best survive the heat, it’s also hygienic and easy to wipe down as food molecules don’t stick to it, which is great for the consumer.

Conveyor belts have to be long-lasting, durable and most of all, resistant to moisture, temperature fluctuations, and chemicals. Depending on the purpose, conveyor belts can be made out of rubber, metal, thermoplastic, leather, and fabric. Our belt fabrication service helps increase the lifespan of the conveyors by making them become much more durable.

How are Conveyor Belts Made?

Standard conveyor belts are made out of mild steel framework with a powder finish. This makes them very suited to warehouses and factory areas that deal with food and drink. Both ends of the conveyor are fitted with terminal rollers, as this helps to reduce any friction when the belt is running on the underside. The conveyer is then assembled into the frame, which runs on the smooth bed, or rollers if the weight is considerable. The two ends are then joined, making a continuous cycle. Belts stretch over time, and for this reason, it is important to have a tensioning device fitted, so that the belt doesn’t slip.

To pull the belt, one end of the roller is fitted with a drive or motor. This can be positioned at one end of the conveyor, or it can be fitted part-way if the belt is going to be reversible.

How we support Conveyor Belt Manufacturers

Every single manufacturer out there will use a slightly different process when creating a conveyor belt. Some belts have an inner core, along with an outer cover to add strength. It all really depends on the purpose, but what is essential is the conveyor belt manufacturer using a specialist fabrication service like us to ensure the belt is operating at the highest standard and this is something that we pride ourselves on at ATS.

To learn more about our belt fabrication services, contact us or request a quote today. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will work with you to ensure your project runs smoothly and delivers the best possible results.