The Importance of Seals on Fire Doors

The Importance of Seals on Fire Doors

Fire door seals are important for fire safety systems as they help to limit the spread of fire, smoke, and heat, which can be beneficial in any type of building.

They are typically made from intumescent material. When exposed to heat, they expand and seal the door, stopping hot gases, smoke, and flames from passing through. These seals also offer protection against heat and can slow down the spread of fire. Fire-resistant doors are often paired with fire door seals to contain fires within a specific area.

These specialist seals play a crucial role in saving lives during a fire by preventing the spread of flames and smoke, limiting damage, and reducing the risk of serious injury or death. Additionally, fire door seals can minimize property damage and financial losses.

Fire door seals not only protect against fire and smoke but also offer soundproofing benefits. This is particularly useful in places like hospitals and libraries where noise levels need careful management.

Another benefit of fire door seals which is not commonly known is they serve the purpose of minimizing air infiltration, which can potentially lead to overheating issues in buildings. By restricting the amount of air that enters the structure, fire door seals can mitigate this problem.

Are Seals Required on Fire Rated Doors?

Yes, fire rated doors must be properly sealed to maintain their fire rating. This usually involves installing intumescent seals around the perimeter of the door.

Do Smoke Doors Require Gasketing?

Yes, smoke doors usually require gasketing to form a tight seal and help reduce air infiltration. Gasketing is also important to help keep smoke and other combustion gases from entering the area that needs to be protected.


Fire door seals are crucial for fire safety. They limit the spread of flames and smoke, and reduce property damage and noise. They also lower the risk of overheating. Therefore, it's important to install fire door seals in any building.