What is Para-Aramid Wiring Harness Tape?

What is Para-Aramid Wiring Harness Tape

Para-Aramid Wiring Harness Tape (SGK5-05) is a highly specialized tape used predominately in the aerospace industry that meets spec General Electric A22C7. It has numerous qualities which make it fit for purpose for the industry, with one of them being that the tape has a low friction release, was specifically designed to resist abrasion, and “provide added strength in high temperature cable wrapping applications where standard fiberglass cloth do not provide adequate chemical resistance”.

Para-Aramid Wiring Harness Tape’ is also known as SGK5-05 tape and as previously mentioned, it is primarily used in aerospace for use with the specific maintenance procedures to protect wires that are held by clips, whilst also protecting the integrity of the wire insulation. Although ‘Speed tape’ is known as the most common aerospace tape, Para-Aramid Wiring Harness Tape plays a big role in aircraft maintenance.

Para-aramid fabric, also known as Kevlar®, has an immense cut resistance of any fabric, this is why its favored by the military in a lot of clothing or vest applications. It’s a testament to its cut resistance that all cut-proof gloves are also made with Kevlar®. What makes it so useful is the protection it provides from the vibration of the airplane, as during the motion of the vibration the metal wire clip will cut through the insulation of the wire if there isn’t an additional layer of protection. Not many people know that Para-Aramid Wiring Harness Tape is a form of Kevlar tape.

What are the benefits of SGK5-05 Tape?

There are numerous benefits of using SGK5-05 tape as they have properties which are essential for the aerospace and automotive mechanical industry. PTFE coated para-aramid cloth is:

  • Anti-static
  • Extra Strength
  • Chemical & Heat Resistance
  • Anti-slip
  • Flexible

And provides UV stabilization in harsh environments where protection against abrasion commonly wears out standard fiberglass harness wraps.

Low coefficient of friction PTFE adds another dimension to harness wrapping by providing a measure of “lubricity.”

CHR SGK5-05 Tape Construction

SGK5-05 tape has outstanding features such as incredible heat, thermal and mechanical resistance which in combination with a strong, lightweight fiber construction, it allows the tape to stand up to the harsh conditions that it will be subjected too in aerospace & electro-mechanical applications. What makes these tapes so durable is thanks to a strong coated fiber backing and high temperature adhesive systems.

Something to note, PTFE also extends high temperature resistance to plain para-aramid (phenyleneterephthalamide) fiber cloth.

Where to buy Para-Aramid Wiring Harness Tape?

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