BREYDEN PRODUCTS, INC. is a global leader in the manufacturing of military specification lacing tapes, twines, yarns, Nomex sleeving and cords. They also produce various commercial-grade lacing and tying materials for the aerospace and wire harnessing industries.

They are a family business based in Indiana with over 75 years of manufacturing and selling experience. Their core business is designing and manufacturing products for wire harnessing and stator lacing manufacturers around the world.They sell to over 85 countries and are famed for delivering exceptional value to their customer's.

 Their customers include many of the industry-leading manufacturers including Boeing, Rolls-Royce, General Electric, Daimler-Chrysler Aerospace, British Aerospace, Lockheed Martin (to who ATS has most recently won an award), and many others.

The electric motor industry is one of their main sources of income as they utilize their vast range of braided tapes and twisted cords. This has led to them having a famous customer base in the automotive sector such as Nidec, Emerson Electric, Regal Beloit, and Toshiba.

 Their extensive knowledge of fibers and finishes combined with processing techniques enables them to meet stringent specifications that are more demanding than existing military specification requirements.

Breyden also bought out Saylor Products in 2011 to expand its presence in the market and renamed it Saylor Technical Products.

ATS is an authorized converter and distributor of BREYDEN PRODUCTS, INC.