Silicone Coated Fabric and Film roll for Belt Fabrication

Coated Fabrics and Films

Advanced Technology Supply, Inc. fabricates belts from Teflon and Silicone Coated Fabrics.

These belts find applications such as Blister pack die carriers, Conveyorized food processing, Screen Printing (tee shirts), Side/Base/Auto packing machinery, Resoldering & ink drying cable assemblies or circuit boards, Textile finishing, Garment Fusing, Rubber profile extrusions, and others.

The same material can be utilized for Shrink tunnel curtains, Heat sealing surfaces, Release sheets & Carriers.

Why Teflon and Silicone?

Advanced Technology Supply only uses Teflon and Silicone Coated Fabrics for belt fabrication due to their advantageous properties.

Silicone-coated fabrics are thin, flexible, durable, and paradoxically, dimensionally stable. The exact type of properties suited for belting. Silicone rubber is easily coated and can be cut to the exact specifications with our precision slitting machinery.

Teflon is the perfect coasting for our clients in the food processing industry. We coat the conveyor belts in Teflon due to their anti-viral properties and resistance to heat.

Our page on Belt Fabrications covers Teflon in greater depth.

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