Applications for Window and Door Construction

Applications for the Construction / Windows / Doors Industry

Customers in the construction industry can trust the product knowledge and technical expertise at Advanced Technology Supply, Inc. to provide high quality materials and value added services developed specifically for the industry. We provide various applications for the construction industry including windows, doors and lighting. At ATS, we recognize that manufacturers have specific needs to perform the tasks required of them, and we aim to convert these tapes to meet those requirements.

Manufacturers of vinyl windows often require PTFE tapes when heat sealing corners on windows, Hibond tapes are often used to attach muntin bar to glass in window production.

Conventional Exterior lighting and LED lighting frequently require gaskets best handled by solid silicone and or sponge which provide long term closure solutions in a wide range of temperature and environmental conditions such as UV, ozone, extreme cold and heat. When die-cut or waterjet cut to customer's specifications our gaskets offer superior sealing ability. Our gasket materials provide solutions to help meet requirements such as NEMA 250 sealing of enclosures as well as related UL temperature and flammability. UL94 V0, UL94 HB, UL94 HBF, UL 50 and UL 50E can be achieved when selecting the proper material for the application.

All our gaskets are manufactured from high grade materials that remain flexible even after years of service and varied operating conditions. Many gaskets carry UL and or Mil-Spec approval and are designed for durable long term performance, so our clients can rest assured our gaskets will stand the test of time.

At ATS we are dedicated to developing processes and expanding upon our capabilities to provide products of the highest quality for industry specific applications. We are always looking at new technology and ensure we have the machinery available to ensure precision cutting.

To learn more about our construction specific products and services, or our range of capabilities please contact us directly.