Rogers DeWAL product line is a manufacturer of high-performance polymer films and pressure-sensitive PTFE and UHMW tape. It is part of Rogers Corporation a global engineering business.

Their USP is their films are among the longest and widest splice-free lengths in the industry. They offer custom solutions for customers' applications and specifications.

Their pressure-sensitive tapes and high-performance films are manufactured in the USA, ISO Certified, and suitable for industrial and mechanical applications. Especially as can be used in a variety of options.

They have a range of specialized products such as PTFE tape, UHMW tape, PTFE Film Composites, Thermal Spray Tapes, PTFE Composite Membranes, and more, which they use for an array of applications.

These are some of the current applications of this product line:

  • Electrical Insulation
  • Thermal Spray
  • Belt Protection
  • Wire & Cable Protection
  • Vibration Management

ATS is an authorized converter and distributor of the DeWal product line.