Tape Solutions for Electrical Insulation

ATS offers a wide range of Saint-Gobain® CHR® Electrical Grade Adhesive Tapes for electrical equipment including transformers, motors and generators. Electrically insulating pressure sensitive adhesive tapes are unique based on critical design stresses and assembly criteria. Key electrical equipment design stresses include thermal, dielectric, mechanical and chemical. Electrical insulation requirements in these demanding environments are achieved using a unique combination of backings and adhesives.

Several CHR Products are UL recognized components (UL 510) with thermal capabilities ranging from Class A (105°C) to Class N (200°C). Additionally, the chemical compatibility with common electrical insulation components have been validated by over 100 UL system designations (UL 1446). Thermal classifications specified by the UL recognition for the applicable test program (equipment, system of components or component) guarantee a life expectancy at a certain temperature. A typical expected equipment life at rated temperature is 20,000 hours. UL component and/or system recognitions are required by many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) who manufacture transformers, generators and motors.

High Temperature — UL Class N (200°C) and UL Class H (180°C)

Fluoropolymer Tapes (PTFE and FEP) with silicone adhesive offer outstanding temperature resistance (Class 200°C) and dielectric strength, ideal for insulation of end-windings in high temperature motors and generators. The fluoropolymer backings are available in a wide range of thicknesses and conformability options.

Polyimide (PI) Tapes with silicone adhesive offer high thermal resistance (Class 180°C) and conformability, ideal for insulation of end-windings in high temperature motors and generators. PI Tapes available feature DuPont Kapton® and value grades of PI in a full range of thicknesses.

Polyethylene-naphthalate (PEN-Teonex®) Tapes with silicone adhesive offer equivalent thermal resistance to a PI tape (180°C) and improved chemical resistance. Commonly used as insulation for ignition coils. PEN Tapes are available in unique colors, including red and blue.

Glass Cloth Tapes with silicone adhesive are excellent insulation materials for high temperature applications, including thermal class 200°C. Higher temperature coil winding applications demand the use of a high tensile, high temperature glass cloth tape for banding layers of insulation together.

Medium Temperature — UL Class F (155°C), UL Class B (130°C) and UL Class A (105°C)

Nomex® Aramid Paper Tapes with acrylic (Class 155°C) or rubber (Class 130°C) adhesives are an ideal choice to guarantee puncture resistance and absorption, excellent for use in resin-filled transformers or motors.

Glass Cloth Tapes with acrylic or rubber adhesives are an excellent insulation material for applications with medium thermal class ranges that require high adhesion. Glass cloth tapes offer puncture and abrasion resistance along with high tensile strength. Options are available in black, which is an ideal color for outer wrap insulation aesthetics.

Polyester (PET) Tapes, combined with rubber or acrylic adhesive, are available in a wide range of thicknesses and colors. PET tapes are thin and conformable with high dielectric strength, commonly used for end-winding insulation in motors/generators. Double-coated PET tapes with high initial tack are ideal for securing insulating material, such as slot liner.

Glass Filament Reinforced Tapes are very common in heavy banding and holding applications, especially those found in large-scale coil winding processes to secure insulation layers. Thermal capabilities range from Class 130°C (rubber adhesive) to Class 155°C (acrylic adhesive). The tensile strength for these products is superior to a glass cloth tape.

Laminated PET Film Tapes include a conformable fleece layer which offers great tear and puncture resistance. Ideal for securing phase insulation in a motor or generator end-winding region. Options are available with acrylic adhesive (Class 155°C and high adhesion) or thermosetting rubber adhesive (Class 130°C and high initial tack).

Acetate Cloth Tapes, combined with thermosetting rubber adhesive, provide a very good initial tack. Acetate cloth is highly conformable and easy to tear, which is ideal for hand application and coil outer wrap aesthetics.

Copper Foil Tapes with conductive acrylic adhesive are used for static electricity discharging and shielding from electromagnetic/electrostatic fields.

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