Tape Solutions for Heat Sealing

ATS offers a complete range of CHR® PTFE Adhesive Tapes to perform in a variety of heat seal packaging processes involving impulse heat sealers and hot bar sealers. CHR heat sealing tapes provide a non-stick, abrasion resistant surface designed for use in high temperature heat sealing applications. These highly durable tapes allow for increased process speeds and minimal down time increasing overall process efficiency. Different backings and adhesive systems are combined to offer a variety of solutions that balance cost and performance.

Heat Sealing Tapes

Products: PTFE Glass Laminate Tape, PTFE Glass Cloth Tape, Zone Tape, Extruded PTFE Tape, Enhanced High Modulus PTFE Tape, Filled PTFE Tape

Function: Release surface for packaging plastics

Features: Non-stick surface, wear resistance, temperature resistance, dimensional stability, PTFE Glass Cloth for tear resistance

PTFE Glass Laminate Tape: CHR SGB6 and SGC6 Chemlam® are premium solutions for heat seal packaging. A proprietary manufacturing method allows these products to have fewer defects such as cracks and pinholes. The more consistent release surface and higher PTFE thickness over the glass gives these products longer life and more cycles compared to lower grade options. This allows users to operate more efficiently with less down time spent changing release tapes.

PTFE Glass Cloth Tape: PTFE is coated onto glass fabric to enhance dimensional stability, tear strength, and abrasion resistance while maintaining a non-stick surface. Several different grades are available at various PTFE coating weights to offer economic options or high performance solutions for smoother seals and increased durability. CHR SG25 series is the most commonly used solution because it offers a balance between cost and performance. In addition to silicone adhesive, acrylic is available for application temperatures under 350°F where higher bond strength is desired.

Aluminum PTFE Foil Tape: CHR MD15 is PTFE laminated to aluminum foil. The lamination construction gives the tape longer life in application and can be run at faster speeds due to improved thermal conductivity. The metal construction can be detected by X-ray and metal detectors on food packaging lines that detect foreign contamination.

Zone Tape: CHR 2829 is made from PTFE coated glass fabric with selective adhesive placement. Adhesive can be placed only where needed to keep it away from the heating element for hot wire sealers.

Extruded PTFE Tape: These tapes are made of 100% extruded PTFE film backing. The additional PTFE content compared to glass reinforced products allows for extended life in narrow heat sealing applications where dimensional stability is not as critical. CHR 2275, 2283, and 2285 are brightly colored products that can be seen clearly against the metal platen they are adhered to. CHR 2283 is an acrylic adhesive option for lower temperature heat sealing processes (<350°F). The 2 mil thickness of these products improves heat transfer allowing for faster line speeds.

High Modulus PTFE Tape: CHR R233 and R253 are made with 3 mil high modulus PTFE films. The increased PTFE backing thickness increases longevity over thinner extruded tape options. CHR R233 has an acrylic adhesive system for higher adhesive strength while CHR R253 is designed for use in higher temperature heat sealing processes. CHR 22B5-2 and 22B5-2HA are made with a 2.2 mil anti- static high modulus backing. The substrate is designed for abrasion resistance needed for heat sealing and roller wrap applications. CHR 22B5-2 resists movement in high shear PE extrusion applications and 22B5-2HA offers high adhesion desired in heat sealing to prevent edge curl.

Filled PTFE Tape: CHR Rulon® Tape will last the longest as a release surface in heat sealing processes compared to the rest of the CHR tape portfolio. It is made from a thick PTFE backing that contains special fillers designed to maximize abrasion resistance and product life. CHR RU and RU101 can last up to 20 times as long as standard PTFE glass heat seal tapes saving both time and money from improved process efficiency.

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