Tape Solutions for HVAC

Ensuring total system closure, air- and water tightness is essential for tapes used in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) to generate consistent thermal comfort and good air quality in indoor and vehicular environments. Our HVAC foam and foam-in-place solutions are strong, flexible, designed to create a permanent seal without air leaks and have anti-microbial characteristics to protect people and structures for increased well-being where temperature control, removal of unpleasant smells and excessive moisture and air circulation are needed. UL listings and LEED qualifications as well as broad application conditions make it easy for you to find the solution that minimizes risk of failure, energy loss or even system failure in building & construction, automotive, rail, marine or aerospace applications.

Sustainability enhancements in commercial construction are the wave of the future. With a growing worldwide population and greater environmental changes, the need for heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) within construction is also on the rise. Serving as the respiratory system for buildings, it is essential to consider opportunities related to improving or revolutionizing HVAC in the fight for carbon neutrality.

HVAC systems comprise 40–60% of energy usage within buildings, translating to approximately 15% of total energy consumption worldwide. For this reason, HVAC systems are important targets for efficiency improvements. Companies are investing in more sustainable technologies and equipment to utilize less energy to heat, cool and run appliances, working together towards the achievement of net-zero carbon emissions.

A significant opportunity for improved efficiency of HVAC systems exists at the design stage. A proper design helps lower energy consumption, while providing a safe and comfortable indoor environment. To ensure optimal performance and achieve energy-saving goals, design engineers take into consideration all components that go into HVAC systems. Quality gasketing and sealing materials in HVAC applications allow for lower energy bills and an improved indoor environment that has significantly less dust or other pollutants, providing cleaner air and greater health benefits.

FS1000 Series

FS1000 Series

Norseal FS1000 Series is a proprietary, high-performance foam tape designed with a unique combination of sealing properties...

  • Intumescent and Resilient Sealing Foam
  • Expandable and fire resistant
  • Airtight
  • Watertight
  • Compressible and resilient
  • Vibration damping
  • Conformable
  • Easy installation
  • Environmentally friendly


Norseal F-12 silicone foam combines unique flame retardancy and low toxic gas emission properties with excellent compression set...

  • Meets industry standards: FAR 25.856 (A-1 and B), Bombardier Smp 800-C, UL 94 V-0
  • Low levels of toxicity and smoke generation
  • Excellent compression set resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Meets requirements of FDA extractables 21.CFR 177.2600 for food contact
  • Can be cast onto various substrates, including heat shielding materials, tear-resistant materials and vapor barriers
  • Available as a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape under the Norseal Silicone SNS 512AF product line


Norseal F-20 is a medium density closed-cell silicone foam rubber product designed to deliver environmentally stable, flame...

  • Meets key industry standards: FAR 25.853, Bombardier SMP 800-C, NFPA 130, UL V0
  • Recognized to UL 50E gasket and seals for electrical enclosures
  • Non-toxic, low smoke generation and low flame spread
  • Smooth surface on both sides for excellent sealing against air, dust, light and moisture
  • Excellent compression set resistance
  • Excellent resistance to ultraviolet light, ozone and extreme temperature ranges
  • Meets requirements of FDA extractables 21.CFR177.2600 for food contact
  • Closed-cell foam meets AMS 3195
  • Non-corrosive for use with metals and in hostile environments
  • Available as a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape under the Norseal Silicone SNS 520AF product line
Dynafoam FIP Gasket

Dynafoam FIP Gasket

Dynafoam (member of the Norseal® product range) is a mono-component foam in place gasketing and cushioning material. It is foamed...

  • Excellent thixotropic behavior allowing 3-dimensional and upside-down applications
  • Desired gasket height can be achieved with or without a groove, allowing the maximum design flexibility for engineers
  • Efficient water seal with only 30% compression
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