Tape Solutions for Transportation Vehicles

ATS® provides attachment and sealing tapes that solve for the specific needs of transportation vehicle applications. With proven success over more than 50 years, our OEM approved automotive products have been designed to achieve the longevity and durability performance essential to manufacturers in this market. All types of transportation vehicles have used our Norbond® Bonding Tapes and Norseal® Foam Sealing Tapes in the manufacturing of:

  • Buses
  • Class 8 trucks
  • Horse and utility trailers
  • Ambulances and fire trucks
  • Truck cabs and bodies
  • Intermodal containers

Saint-Gobain tapes make assembly easier, faster and more economical. Joints are stronger and more water tight with Saint-Gobain foam and tape products in place. Our engineers will work closely with you to determine the best solution for your bonding or sealing application.

Attachment Tapes

Products: Polyurethane Foam Attachment Tape, Acrylic Foam Attachment Tape

Function: Bonding of wall skin panels, roof bows, trims, moldings, emblems

Features: Quick-stick application, NVH benefits, color options for hiding in sight-line

Norbond Bonding Tapes have a long history of providing secure, long-lasting solutions for the transportation industry. Combining either a polyurethane or acrylic foam core with pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive, Norbond Tapes allow for tailored performance depending on specific application requirements. Bonding tapes offer many advantages to other fastening methods such as screws and rivets, including:

  • Immediate bond strength for speed of assembly and handling time
  • Durable foam core enables the distribution of stress across the entire bond line
  • Fit and form providing fast application, and reducing clean up time

Norbond PUR Tapes offer reliable performance while also providing NVH benefits and a discrete black color that hides from the sight line. Norbond Acrylic Tapes offer higher elongation capability, crucial for areas that experience thermal expansion and high differential movement.

Norbond V2800: has a black polyurethane foam core that features high conformability to help with adhesive-to-surface contact. The color allows the product to hide in the sight-line, creating a pleasing visual aesthetic, while the pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive provides secure long term bonding performance. Suitable for emblem attachment, roof bow attachment, and general bonding applications with parts less than 3 feet in length.

Norbond A7600: features a gray acrylic foam core that allows for greater elongation capability. A specially formulated pressure sensitive adhesive exhibits strong quick-stick characteristics and high adhesion capability in a short term period, speeding up assembly. Best suited for interior and exterior trailer skin bonding.

Norbond A7450 (white) and A7350 (gray): feature an acrylic foam core that offer high ultimate peel and tensile adhesion performance. Best used in applications where stresses may be elevated due to the presence of additional treatments, such as welds or thicker gauge materials.

Sealing Tapes

Products: PVC Foam Tape, PUR Foam Tape

Function: Sealing foam tape

Features: Swirl-free properties; wide range of firmness options; aggressive adhesive for quick-stick;
seals out air, dust and moisture

Norseal is the foam sealant standard for many manufacturers in the transportation industry. Made of closed-cell compressible foam with pressure sensitive adhesive, Norseal Foam Sealing Tapes are designed to seal against water, dirt, and air when compressed 30% under extreme conditions. Because of the tape’s aggressive adhesive, application is quick and accurate. Other advantages include:

  • No special tools needed to apply
  • No curing required
  • Won’t ooze or squeeze out of the joint
  • Won’t dry out, drip, crack or become brittle

Norseal PVC Foam Tapes, offered with differing levels of firmness, provide balanced properties with weathering capability you can rely on. The Norseal PUR Foam Tapes accommodate the elevated temperatures typical with paint cycles. Norseal remains flexible through the hottest desert regions and the coldest mountain passes, enabling travel through all global climates. Whether applied to the riveted roof top rail seam on a 53-foot trailer or the overlap seam on a class 8 truck cab, Norseal Foam Sealing Tapes will protect against the weather elements.

Norseal V620: is a medium firmness foam tape that provides enhanced tear and tensile strength properties. Users find this valuable when trimming exposed tape in areas of the vehicle with special aesthetic considerations.

Norseal V710: is a medium firmness foam tape with swirl-free properties that make it ideal to accommodate fasteners without twisting or distorting the foam. This tape is designed for use in side lap seams.

Norseal V730: is a soft foam tape that is ideal for sealing thin gauge materials and larger gaps. The softer foam minimizes the distortion of the assembly and minimizes the number of fasteners required to compress the foam.

Norseal V740: is a medium firmness foam tape with balanced properties for multi-use and is economically positioned.

Norseal V760: is a firm high density foam tape with abrasion resistant properties, making it the best option for sealing thicker panels seams with larger fasteners.

Norseal V980/V990: is a firm tape with pressure sensitive adhesive on both sides. The additional adhesive acts as a secondary barrier in the seal and aids in assembly by minimizing the amount of clamps required. A common application is sealing top and bottom rails.

Norseal V4000H: is a very firm polyurethane foam tape. It is able to withstand elevated temperatures that are associated with paint cycles.

Common Attachment and Sealing Tape Applications

Common Attachment and Sealing Tape Applications

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