Rogers Corporation

Rogers Corporation

Rogers Corporation specializes in engineered materials and has a proud history of innovation spanning 187 years.

Since their conception, they have adapted and evolved to become a global leader in their sector. Their headquarters is in Arizona, US but they manufacture products all over the world including China, Japan, Korea, Germany, Hungary, and Belgium.

They have 3 main parts to their business:

Advanced Electronics Solutions 

This specialized team's sole purpose is to develop technologies that are used in very advanced technological fields such as wireless infrastructure, radar & laser systems, high-speed digital, hybrid-electric vehicles, high-voltage rail traction, and wind and solar power conversion.

Elastomeric Material Solutions  

This is part of their business where they manufacture solutions for protection, sealing, and energy management in smartphones, aircraft and rail interiors, and the automotive industry.

Other Advanced Materials

Rogers Corporation also manufactures a variety of materials for an array of markets, including the defense and consumer industry. Their products feature heavily in several aspects of the automotive industry and in general industrial and electrical applications. 

ATS is an authorized converter and distributor of Rogers Corporation and their engineered products.