Rubberlite Inc is one of North America’s largest converters of cellular rubber and plastic products and is based in Huntington, West Virginia.

Founded in 1986 by Allen Mayo, who wanted to be a one-stop shop for cellular plastics and a converter, they have now expanded to be recognized specialist manufacturers of custom-engineered polyurethane foams and flexible composite systems. Due to advancements in their technology and expertise, they have now expanded their focus to provide material solutions across three strategically aligned sectors of their business:

  • Industrial Rubber
  • Plastics, Engineered Foams
  • Technical Composites

They have been a member of the Gasket Fabricators Association since the 1980s and their material solutions are used for a wide array of markets and applications.

Rubberlite has converted a vast variety of products such as neoprene, neoprene blends, EPDM, nitrile, ECH, Ensolite® PVC/Nitrile, cross-linked polyethylene, open-cell sponge, high-density polyurethane, and pressure-sensitive adhesive

ATS is an authorized converter and distributor of Rubberlite.