Created in 1955, Sheldahl Flexible Technologies has a history of innovation and delivering material solutions for the Industrial, Aerospace, Automotive, and Health Solutions markets worldwide.

The materials and circuits they create are known for being low-weight and providing space meaning they have endless applications.

Based in Minnesota, the Sheldahl® brand also creates, manufactures, and distributes technically advanced coatings, dry film adhesives, special performance tapes, and engineered flexible laminates. Their technical materials are known worldwide, with more than 70% of abrasive belt manufacturers across the globe using Sheldahl® for their brand adhesive and tape products.

Sheldahl’s brand splicing tapes are the undisputed, worldwide leading brand of abrasive belt splicing products. Our scientists and engineers patented Unidirectional tape technology more than 30 years ago.

With over 60 years of experience manufacturing Specialty Tapes, Sheldahl’s USP is its brand splicing tapes and top-rated abrasive belt splicing products.

ATS is an authorized converter and distributor of Sheldahl Flexible Technologies.