Techflex Braided Sleeving

Techflex has provided Engineering and Braided Sleeving Solutions since 1965 for a wide range of industries such as biomedical and aerospace, through to providing solutions for automotive enthusiasts by protection bundling wire, hose, and cables.

Based in Sparta, New Jersey, Techflex has vastly expanded from its initial product offering and now have an array of braided sleeving products for many industries.

The sections that Techflex has now expanded into and specializes in are Advanced Engineering, Tubing, Heat Shrink Tubing, Metal Shielding, Electrical insulation, Lacing Tapes (some of which we stock at ATS), and many more. They also offer services such as Braid Shaping, Precision Cutting, Custom Printing and Specialty Packaging.

Techflex has anchored itself as the go-to company when it comes to sleeving solutions due to its experience within this broad market, and their wide selection of general purpose and high-tech specialty products.

They are ISO 9001-2015 compliant.

Authorized Techflex converter and distributor

ATS is an authorized converter and distributor of Techflex for their Electrical Insulation Lacing Tapes.