How Adhesive Tape is used in the Aviation Industry

How Adhesive Tape is used in the Aviation Industry

Aerospace adhesive tapes are often used in a lot of different ways. They can be used to mask temperature as well as ensuring that moisture and any other essential bonds are kept intact. Some of the main uses for aerospace tape include anti-vibration applications for window shades, as well as offering protection to hoses, cables, and wires. It is also possible to seal cargo areas by using flame-retardant tape too. The great thing about adhesive tape is that it has the ability to withstand high heat, and it gives the surface a great deal of protection as well.

What is Speed Tape?

Speed tape is a heavy-duty tape, and it is also self-adhesive. This means that it can easily be used for minor repairs that could well involve high-speed applications. Some people think that speed tape is exactly the same as duct tape and there are a few reasons why. After all, the two of them look identical but they are in fact, very different. Speed tape is much thicker than duct tape, and the adhesive is much stronger. This helps it to stay connected to the airplane when the plane is in flight. A recent article on the Washington Post addresses people’s concerns when they think they see duct tape ‘patching up’ a wing.

Speed tape is also known for being very heat resistant to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. It is able to withstand high heat without degrading or failing. It’s also extremely durable as it can still work in temperatures of minus 65 degrees Fahrenheit and when applied properly, can withstand winds up to 600mph.

Uses for Speed Tape in the Aviation Industry

If you look at the aviation industry as a whole, you will soon find that speed tape is used widely. The main reason for this is because it is possible to fix a lot of airplane cracks with it. The only requirement that you have to think about when using speed tape is whether or not the crack is going to impact the general structural integrity of the airplane. If the crack does not pose a risk to the general structural integrity of the plane, then speed tape could well provide a very good solution.

Applying speed tape over the crack will not only ensure that the crack doesn’t get worse but it will give it a lot of protection from the elements too. Speed tape, although primarily used in the aviation industry, is often used on cars too.

Race cars experience high G-forces which puts pressure on the frame of the car. If you look you will soon see that they often experience minor cracks that need repairing. Speed tape is a very good option here as it is very suited to high-speed applications, and it is also very quick to apply.

Speed Tape however is only suited to temporary and minor repairs and is not intended to be a fix-all solution and the issue as a whole. This is a very important factor to keep in mind. Although speed tape will still stay on over time, it shouldn’t be used with longevity in mind, but more to provide a temporary solution until the main issue is fixed.

Aesthetics and Durability

Speed Tape can be used to replace thousands of fasteners, screws, bolts, and even nuts, so the finish is also much more aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, it can be used in place of a lot of traditional connectors whilst sometimes also providing a way better bond. Specialty pressure tapes like this have to comply with aerospace regulations before they can be used, and this gives you the confidence you need to know that the tape you are using is up for the job.

Benefits of Speed Tape

There are some incredible benefits to using speed tape within the aviation industry. Some of them include the fact that noise can be greatly reduced, as the tape can give a very strong bond. You can also eliminate a lot of fasteners, which when they become loose, can cause a lot of noise. You also have vibrational dampening properties. This helps to ensure that the two panels are connected properly and not causing more movement than required.

Other benefits of using speed tape include the fact that it has a high level of electrical resistance with UV resistance too. Drill holes do not need to be made, and the bond can be both precise and instant. Some believe that speed tape is able to give a reduction in weight, meaning that fuel consumption targets can be met in certain applications. With benefits such as this, it is hard to overlook the general versatility of speed tape.

Buying Aerospace Tape

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