Custom Die Cutting of Polyester Masking Tape for the Electronics Industry

Custom Die Cutting of Polyester Masking Tape for the Electronics Industry

Recently, a client from the electronics industry hired Advanced Technology Supply, Inc. to manufacture various shapes and sizes of masking tape. This special tape was specifically designed for masking certain circuit board areas during the conformal coating process. Made from ATS668 polyester material, this tape contained no silicone release coat or adhesive.

To begin this process, we first used a single knife slitter to cut the base material. We then used our rotary die cutting machine, which was able to uphold a (+/-) .01 of an inch precision tolerance, to cut the tape into both rectangles and squares measuring anywhere from ¼ of an inch to 1 inch in size. With our advanced die cutting technology, we were able to cut the tape to print - meeting our client's exact job specifications - and deliver our customer's finished product within a 2 week turnaround period.

Our client was delighted with the outcome and impressed with how we could meet their precise requirements and fulfill their order within a short time frame.

Polyester Masking Tape Specifications

Product Description This custom die cut masking tape is used to mask of specific areas of circuit boards during the conformal coating process.
Capabilities Applied/Processes Die Cutting
  • What type of shape is die cut? Rectangles and squares
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Slit base material on single knife slitter then die cut on rotary die cutting machine
Masking Tape Type ATS668 Masking Tape
  • Designed Specifically for Conformal Coating Masking
  • Contains no Silicone Release Coat or Adhesive
Overall Part Dimensions Width, shape of tape? (1" squares to ¼" squares and rectangles
Tightest Tolerances .010"
Material Used Polyester
In Process Inspection Performed Checking as processed
Industry for Use Electronics
Turn Around Time 2 Weeks
Standards Met Customer supplied CAD Drawing
Product Name Custom Die Cut Masking Tape